Indiana Supreme Court Suspends Jury Trials Statewide Until At Least March

Dec 14, 2020

The Indiana Supreme Court suspended jury trials statewide until at least March 1 amid the worsening COVID-19 pandemic.
Credit Lauren Chapman / IPB News

Indiana state courts are not allowed to hold in-person jury trials until at least March. That’s per a new order from the Indiana Supreme Court.

In the order, Chief Justice Loretta Rush said the threat of COVID-19 exposure from in-court proceedings is high. And she added while the court system has, throughout the pandemic, sought to balance keeping courts open with public safety, she said the worsening pandemic prompts the state’s judicial system to halt jury trials until at least March 1.

Courts are still conducting business – as they have been since the pandemic began – via remote or virtual proceedings.

Local courts around the state have also had the authority to suspend jury trials for weeks. But now, the state’s high court isn’t giving any courts a choice.

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