Indiana Visitors Center To Close To Help Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

Mar 12, 2020

Credit South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority

NORTHWEST INDIANA - The Indiana Visitors Center is closing down for a couple of weeks for a deep cleaning.  Speros Batistatos, President and Chief Executive Officer of the South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority told Lakeshore Public Radio on early Thursday afternoon that  the action is being taken as a proactive cautionary measure to help prevent the spread of COVID 19.

 "We just literally in the next few hours expect to announce the closure of our visitors' center for a few weeks while we do some deep cleaning a disinfecting and really get at corners of the building that haven't been cleaned in a bit, although it is a meticulously maintained building," Batistatos says.  He says the South Shore CVA feels one of the biggest risk factors is what comes through the front door and in this instance, the organization needs to minimize that risk to protect the staff and keep the day-to-day business going.  "With the threat of this spreading and the mobility of people in their cars it's just not smart right now to keep the doors of the visitors' center open," he says. Batistatos says between 300,000 to 400,000 people come to the visitors center every year.