IU Professor and Activist Gives Her Perspective of Events at Capitol

Jan 7, 2021

Ruth Needleman, Indiana University Professor Emerita and Activist.
Credit Ruth Needleman

NORTHWEST INDIANA - In response to protestors and rioters storming the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. on Wednesday (January 6th), Indiana University Professor Emerita, Ruth Needleman says the incident was predictable.

"Because we have a president who has been calling for insurrection, who has refused to accept the fact that he lost by millions and millions of votes, the election, and then there's this core of senators and congressmen including our own, Braun, who refuse to recognize the democratic process and the institutions that are there," Needleman says.

She adds that in all the states in which Senators and Representatives objected to the results, there have been at least one to three recounts and there has not been a single piece of evidence of fraud.

"So the fact that this has gone on so long is an outrage," Needleman says. "I do believe Trump should be in jail because he has called for insurrection and he has refused to open up the government for the transition.  He is creating a really dangerous situation in this country."   

Needleman added that there were not many protestors at the Capitol, that there have been more people in the past protesting President Trump and police violence, and not until now has there been so little police control over the crowd.  She says many of the people who stormed the Capitol are part of militias who bear arms.