Lakeshore Feels the Noize as SLADE's Noddy Holder Guests...

Sep 22, 2020

This edition of "MIDWEST BEAT with Tom Lounges" originally aired on FRIDAY, SEPT. 4th @ on 89.1FM-The Lakeshore

This edition finds British glam-rock legend NODDY HOLDER of the pioneering U.K. Glam Rock band SLADE doing a trans-Atlantic live interview with TOM LOUNGES. Holder talks with the show host about the band's long career and the soon-to-be-release anthology collections, "Cum On Feel The Hitz." 

On September 25th 2020 BMG  released Slade’s "Cum On Feel The Hitz", a superlative and comprehensive collection of Slade singles from 1970 to 1991. "Cum On Feel The Hitz"  has been  released as a  single CD and single LP collection: the CD comprises of 43 singles, while the double vinyl features 24 singles, In addition, there will be a 1LP and 1CD version available for North America exclusively.

"Cum On Feel The Hitz" includes all six of their UK Number one singles: "Coz I Luv You”, “Take Me Bak ‘Ome”, ”Mama Weer All Crazee Now”, “Cum On Feel The Noize”,Skweeze Me, Pleeze Meand “Merry Xmas Everybody”  and a total of 16 Top 10 singles.

The Slade band's vocalist, rhythm guitarist and primary songwriter -- NODDY HOLDER -- spoke for a full hour from his home in England about his iconic band's long and impacting career and their latest multi-format anthology project. 

What was the secret to the band lasting a quarter century with the original line-up? 

Why did they spell their song titles so strangely? 
Were they pleased or unpleased with the popular cover versions of classic Slade songs during the '80s by the American bands Quiet Riot and Britney Fox?

How involved where the band members in compiling and creating the new multi-format boxed set of Slade music? 

Will the new box set mean a reunion and possible tour by the original band?

The answers to those questions and many more are found by clicking and listening to this amazing interview with one of the most influential member of one of the most influential British bands of the 1970s... Noddy Holder!

Of course, a nice mix of  SLADE recordings are played to break up the blocks of titillating conversation and spotlight some of the things of which Noddy was speaking. Classic Slade songs featured here  include such original gems as "Cum On Feel The Noize," "Mama, Weer All Crazee Now," "Gudbuy T'Jane," "Skweeze Me, Teeze Me," "Run Runaway," and "My Oh My."