Local Veterans Speaking Out About Situation in Afghanistan

Aug 17, 2021

United States Marine Corps emblem.
Credit United States Marine Corps

NORTHWEST INDIANA - Local Afghanistan veterans are dismayed at how quickly the country collapsed into the hands of the Taliban after the pull out of the United States.

Schererville resident Zachary Wood, who served in Marjah, Afghanistan, as a Marine in 2011, told the "Times" it was a predictable outcome.

Wood said the Afghanistan National Army had no interest in fighting for a democratic government and the Taliban take over would have happened at anytime the United States left the country.

His unit, 2nd Battalion 8th Marines, lost Cpl. Jonathan Taylor, Cpl. Ian Muller, Lance Cpl. Christopher "Steele" Meis, Staff Sgt. James Malachowski, Sgt. Joseph Garrison, Cpl. Matthew Richard, Sgt. Marlon Myrie and Cpl. Kyle Schneider.