Lumina and Gallup Jobs Study Emphasizes Need For Certifications

May 8, 2020

A graph from the report indicates that workers with certifications consider their work to be a career rather than just a job.
Credit Courtesy Gallup and Lumina Foundation

A recent report from Gallup and Indianapolis-based Lumina Foundation says workers with certifications have more stable and fulfilling jobs. Lumina says that insight could help inform the state’s re-employment services during the pandemic.

The national study says there’s an association between workers who have professional certifications and good jobs – defined by having higher pay, more stability and opportunities for career advancement. Credentialed workers in industries like manufacturing and retail also reported markedly higher satisfaction in their work. 

Courtney Brown is the vice president of strategic impact for Lumina Foundation. She says while the economy recovers, Indiana should begin credentialing workers for COVID-19-related jobs like contact tracing and testing.

“Absolutely this is a time where our workforce development needs to start thinking about this and preparing our citizens to get the skills to step into those jobs,” she says. 

The Department of Workforce Development says it’s working on a rapid recovery plan with other state agencies to provide employment and training opportunities.