Merrillville Community School Corp Unveils Re-entry Plan

Jul 10, 2020

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Credit Merrillville Community Schools Corporation

MERRILLVILLE - The Merrillville Community School Corporation is unveiling its re-entry plan, which includes students going back to school on-schedule, if their parents choose to return them to campus.

The Board of Trustees approved the 2020-21 plan, proposed by Superintendent Nick Brown at Tuesday’s meeting.  Brown says there are several components to the plan.

"First of all, Merrillville Community School are going to offer two options, Brown said. You can send your students back to school in that traditional five day a week, what we call brick and mortar in the building, and we look forward to having your children back, or they can make a decision to continue a distance learning plan, and the distance learning plan would be for those that are uncomfortable or feel their child has a medical reason that they don't want them to come back into the close proximity," Brown says.

Schools are scheduled to open August 18.

Parents will be provided a survey and requested to notify the school corporation of their selection by July 24 in order for schools to plan and schedule staffing. The distance learning plan will be available to parents in August.

A remote learning plan will be implemented in the event a school is closed suddenly for any reason for any amount of time during the school year.

While students are physically in school, they must have masks available to wear at all times. Adults and children must wear masks while in close proximity to others, including time moving in hallways, riding the bus, when closer than six feet to individuals and when talking.

There will be times that masks may be removed, such as when students are sitting at desks facing forward and not working together or at lunch.

Students will not share materials. Personal items will be kept separate. Group activities will continue with a reduced number of students.

The plan also says employees and students should not attend school if they test positive for COVID-19. Parents are asked to monitor their children’s health and determine if their children should stay home.