Off Mic: Confronting the Opioid Crisis in NWI

Aug 13, 2021

Credit Justin Hicks/IPB News

Today on Off Mic with guest host Michael Gonzalez: We’ll take a quick look at the proposed $26 Billion settlement between several pharmaceutical companies and 15 states, including Indiana. We also have a glimpse at what the opioid crisis means for police in one local community. The opioid crisis may have some unintended effects for chronic pain sufferers, as we’ll hear from one guest. We’ll also talk with a local parent following a years-long ordeal as she watched her son struggle with side effects of a number of different prescription drugs, including psychotropic drugs. What do we look for and how do we help our loved ones who need help navigate a complicated mental health system? We’ll also visit with a psychiatrist and author who says we’ve become a “quick fix culture” and offers direction on making sure we get the proper care for mental health issues. And we finish off with a look at this year’s Gary International Black Film Festival. All of this coming up on “Off Mic.”