Miller Woods Reopens After Wildfire

Apr 12, 2021

Indiana Dunes National Park emblem.

CHESTERTON - Miller Woods in Indiana Dunes National Park is once again open after a 425-acre wildfire that occurred earlier this month.

The wildfire began on Friday April 2nd. According to a Indiana Dunes National Park news release, fire crews from the National Park Service and US Forest Service battled the fire into late Friday evening. Crews returned to the fire area every day to ensure no hot spots remained and to begin the recovery process.
Homes and property along North Lake Street were protected thanks to prescribed fires that were conducted in the area on March 22nd.

The prescribed fires provided a buffer between private properties and the wildfire. Indiana Dunes National Park uses prescribed fire as a tool to reduce the threat of wildfire to its community neighbors and also to assist in natural resources restoration.   

The cause of the wildfire remains under investigation.   

Visitors are asked to stay on designated trails and walkways at all times for their safety and to prevent damage to native plants and wildlife habitat as it recovers from the blaze.