National Donut Day

May 31, 2017

Credit Salvation Army

As if Friday isn’t a treat of itself now you can also treat your stomach to a free donut, because this Friday June 2nd is National Doughnut Day.

While some are tired of made up food holidays this one’s official and comes with sweet Chicago history. Donut day is of course an American holiday that was established back in 1938 by the Chicago Salvation Army in order to honor the women who gave doughnuts to soldiers during the First World War. Salvation Army “Doughnut Girls” served along the front lines during WWI and WWII, giving soldiers free coffee and doughnuts. The donuts were a symbol of motherhood and home for the American fighters.

Monika Burchfield the Salvation Army assistant executive director of development says you can take part in donut day if you are in the city or in the suburbs.


"If you are not in the city itself for the weekend you can go to your local Jewel make a gift and then you'll get a coupon for two free donuts from the bakery. Or if you are in the city you can go to Glazed and Infused and they've make a special Salvation Army donut with red white and black sprinkles."

Some other local shops celebrating donut day are Dunkin Donuts, Crown Points Chemshaw 13 and the County Line Orchard.