New Lead Abatement Grants Available In Four Indiana Cities

Sep 26, 2018



Residents living in homes built before 1978 in four Indiana cities can apply for the Lead Hazard Reduction Demonstration Grant through the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority.


The cities of South Bend, Fort Wayne, Evansville and Indianapolis each received $670,000 dollar grants, available for lead hazard identification and control. The grant is intended to help reduce exposure to lead paint, cited as the most common way children ingest lead. Elevated blood lead levels in young children can lead to developmental and behavioral issues, but the effects of lead can be reversed If exposure is identified early.


South Bend officials estimate more than 80% of homes within city limits were built before 1978, the year lead paint was banned in the US. However, lead can still be present in homes, in paint, windows and even soil.


Kathy Schuth is the Executive Director for the non-profit Near Northwest Neighborhood, which helps promote lead awareness in South Bend.


“Families have a lot to consider as far as what’s happening around them in their lives,” Schuth said, “it’s difficult to focus on lead as an issue, but it’s an awareness that most families need to have.”


South Bend residents can find the application for the grant by calling 311, through the city website, through the Department of Community Investment during business hours, or this link.


Direct applications through IHCDA to determine program eligibility are also available by contacting Justin Tyrell, Manager of Lead Programs, INCAA at 317-638-4232,, or Dave Pugh, Lead Grant Manager, IHCDA, at 317-234-6289.  


For more information on this grant and additional IHCDA lead initiatives visit