NIPSCO Will Investigate Thursday Fire in Wheatfield

Jul 16, 2020


WHEATFIELD - Fire crews spent a large part of Thursday afternoon fighting a fire that broke out inside  NIPSCO's RM Schahfer Generating Station in Wheatfield.

Wendy Lussier, NIPSCO Director of Communications, says it started at about 1:30 p.m.

"And as a result of the fire we did evacuate a portion of the facility and smoke has been visible in the vicinity to people who are out in the community," Lussier says.

She says the company has been working with local fire departments and first responders, since the blaze began to ensure the safety of NIPSCO employees and people who had been responding to the incident.

"At this time no injuries have been reported and we're continuing to work to ensure the safety of that whole area," Lussier says. "We don't anticipate any interruption in service to our customers and we don't have a cause of fire at this time.  It is unknown and of course an investigation will take place in due time."

Lussier says NIPSCO is thankful to the local responders who have been working with the company to respond to the incident.