No Results Yet After Marsh Chain's Assets Go Up For Auction

Jun 12, 2017

EDITOR’S NOTE, JUNE 14: This developing story has been updated. Read more here.

What’s left of the Marsh grocery chain went to auction Monday morning – but there’s no word yet on how the bidding went.

Attorneys in the Delaware law office where the auction was set to take place did not immediately return requests for comment. They represent Indiana-based Marsh in its bankruptcy proceedings.

Multiple unnamed bidders were set to vie for Marsh’s remaining assets at the auction, ahead of the company’s next bankruptcy court hearing Wednesday.

Marsh first filed for bankruptcy protection in May, amid waves of store closings. The company owes money to food suppliers, landlords, utility companies and dozens of other creditors, according to court documents.

The outcome of Monday’s auction will decide who pays those debts, and whether any of the 44 remaining Marsh stores stay open under new ownership.