Northwest Indiana has its own live Christmas Tradition

Dec 21, 2016

Sign for local business Luers Tree Farm.
Credit / Luers Tree Farm

Region residents who want a real Christmas Tree have an entire tree farm they can go to which is local and family-owned! Luers Tree Farm, at 6303 West 91st Avenue in Crown Point started in 1976 and is still in business.

Doug Luers is a second generation owner who took over the business from his father, Bud, who started the operation while Doug was still in High School.

After Luers wraps up their busy season, soon after it's back to work, and the cycle is started again at the tree farm, which as Doug describes, is located just outside of Schererville and a few miles from St. John.

Luers has several varieties of trees available including the long-needled Pine, the Blue Spruce, the Norway Spruce and Douglass Fir trees.

Doug says they plant about 6,000 trees annually and sell about 1,000 trees a year. It takes about 8 years to grow a tree from about 12 inches to 7 feet tall.

Luers has a mailing list and sends out coupons every year to about 3,500 people who have cut trees at the farm before.  Luers Tree Farm now also has a concession stand and gift shop.

And who knows, maybe Doug will run the tree farm well into his later years, just like his Dad.