Novelist Talks About Nelson Algren In Miller, Chicago

Aug 24, 2017

Credit dave hoekstra website

Friday evening, a museum in downtown Miller Beach will feature a speech by an American writer who writes about another well-known author who wrote his books in Chicago and in Miller.


Nelson Algren wrote – among other works – “The Man With the Golden Arm”... which later became a hit film vehicle for Frank Sinatra. Douglas Cowie is visiting the Nelson Algren Museum to talk about him.  I talked with Douglas on "Regionally Speaking" this week about his upcoming visit to the Museum and what intrigued him so much about Algren... and his kindred spirit and lover Simone de Beauvoir.  Here's the conversation, aired on Wednesday.



A new artist – Frank Zirbel – will also be on hand at the museum that evening for a presentation at the opening of an exhibit of his works entitled “Algren-esque: Characters from the Neon Wilderness.” Zirbel's portrait work is already on display at the museum.