Nurse-Family Partnership Makes Childraising A Lot Easier

Feb 7, 2018

Nurse Family Partnership pairs first-time parents to caring maternity and child health nurses, who deliver the support moms need to have a healthy pregnancy. Paired with a Case Manager, Goodwill insures child medical care until age 2, and case management for parents until age 5. Mothers also receive assistance connecting to jobs to support their children. More information: 219-444-2000 or visit ttps://
Credit Nurse-Family Partnership website

The Nurse-Family partnership, a successful program to help new mothers.  It's a program of Goodwill Industries Central and Southern Indiana and -- in our region -- Goodwill Industries of Michiana.  We talk with Paulette Maxie, director of operations of Nurse-Family Partnership and new northwest Indiana mother Julia Cook-Jones.  Julia not only has a new baby to take care of, but she's also working on her degree from Purdue University Northwest. Here's the conversation, aired on Tuesday on "Regionally Speaking."