NWI American Red Cross Executive Director Helping Wildfire Victims in the West

Sep 28, 2020

American Red Cross logo
Credit American Red Cross

NORTHWEST INDIANA - The Northwest Indiana Chapter of the American Red Cross is helping the people affected by the wildfires in the west.

The chapter's Executive Director, Kristin Marlow-Kellemen was sent to Oregon to help in the battle with the wildfires that have been destroying the west for weeks, according to the "Times."  

She landed in Portland and headed to Eugene, Oregon, to join other volunteers in that district to assist with the relief efforts.

Lakeshore Public Radio's Sharon Jackson will be talking to Marlow-Kellemen on Tuesday afternoon and Lakeshore Public Radio will bring you the entire conversation this week.

2020 has had a record number of national disasters and a pandemic, turning up even more so, the need for volunteers.