Parenting Awareness Month Indiana Kicks Off Friday

Mar 29, 2018

April is Parenting Awareness Month Indiana
Credit Indiana Parenting Institute

NORTHWEST INDIANA - April is Parenting Awareness Month Indiana and the Indiana Parenting Institute is marking the occasion with it's annual annual Kickoff Breakfast.  It's from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Friday, March 30th at the IBEW 697 headquarters in Merrillville.  

Jena Bellezza, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships & Branding, says the guest speaker is Dr. Lori Desautels [DE saut-els], of Butler University, who will be speaking on Educational Neuroscience and its application when working with youth who have had, or are currently experiencing, adversity and trauma.

"It's a means of becoming more aware of better engaged with your own emotional, social and cognitive health and well being and to understand how those all interplay to express themselves in the way that you see people expressing themselves and so understanding the science of your personality, let's say, helps you to then know interact with it and know why it responds the way that it does and those kind of things," Bellaza says.

Bellezza says she thinks with that additional understanding, everyone will be better able to address those children in education who are dealing with trauma and adversity, as opposed to addressing kids' needs in a more reactive manner.    

The Indiana Parenting Institute has a workshop on April 14th titled, "Too Smart to Start."
There will be a guest speaker discussing techniques parents can use to address underage drinking and to help their kids not see that as an option.  The event is in conjunction with Alcohol Awareness Month and will be at Safe Temple of Christ Church in Merrillville.