Porter County Assessor Jon Snyder Wants Probation

May 29, 2019

Porter County Assessor Jon Snyder
Credit portercountyassessor.com

HAMMOND - Porter County Assessor Jon Snyder wants to be granted probation for his federal tax violation.  The "Times" reports Snyder is asking to be released on six months probation June 4th.  

Snyder's attorney, Matthew Fech says a short probation would allow Snyder to continue to serve the citizens of Porter County, run his business and continue to provide for his family, a wife and 10 kids.

Federal prosecutors reportedly agree that he deserves leniency.

Jon Snyder was a government informant and testified against his brother, former Portage Mayor James Snyder as a government witness earlier this year.

A federal Jury convicted James Snyder on bribery and tax obstruction on February 14th and he was removed from office. He now faces a long prison term.  His sentencing is set for September 24th.

Jon Snyder, who is 42-years-old and had no prior criminal history, admitted his wrongdoing to the government. He pleaded guilty to a tax misdemeanor. He was first elected Porter County Assessor in 2010.  He ran again unopposed.  His current term runs until 2022.

James Snyder made the government prove its bribery and tax case against him with the testimony of 20 witnesses during a 19-day trial earlier this year.  He still maintains his innocence and plans to appeal his conviction.