Protest Vigil Planned Outside Gary Airport About ICE Flights

Apr 4, 2017

People hold hands as they sing "We Shall Overcome" outside an immigration detention center in Broadview, Ill. before immigrants are transported to the Gary-Chicago International Airport for deportation.
Credit Steve Burns, WTIU

Northwest Indiana activist Ruth Needleman came back into the "Regionally Speaking" studio on Tuesday to talk about a Friday mid-morning vigil planned for the parking lot of the Gary-Chicago International Airport to protest Immigration and Customs Enforcement flights of undocumented immigrants out of the region. 

Ruth says ICE brings them into the Airport from Kankakee, under a compact with the city signed years ago by two former mayors -- and she has a copy of that compact.   Needleman also talks about plans by the Gary Common Council to support those affected by ICE's efforts to lead detainees toward deportation.

Ruth also has an update in this conversation about the efforts in the Indiana General Assembly to deal with the Gary Community Schools's financial problems -- and another change proposed to the bill authored by Senator Eddie Melton (D-Merrillville).  And she also blasts the state Legislature's efforts to raise gasoline taxes and the impact the tax hike will have on owners of hybrid vehicles.