Public Health Committee Focuses On Access To Treatment

Sep 27, 2018

Indiana lawmakers met to talk about ways they are addressing the opioid epidemic. Access to treatment is improving but continues to be an issue. 

Indiana has a mix of treatment options for people in addiction recovery and the state has been working to increase these in recent years. 

Family and Social Services Administration Director of Mental Health and Addiction Kevin Moore says Indiana spent nearly $11 million in federal money last year.  He says part of that money went to increase treatment options.  

"One of the ways we did that was to build infrastructure across the state to support treatment," says Moore. 

He says this allows providers to treat other substance addictions too. The state has increased residential treatment capacity by 26 percent.  

Moore says some Hoosiers, especially in rural areas, still do not have close access to treatment. 

This year the state is focused on increased mobile teams and outreach efforts.

"To follow up on people who have overdosed, visit them in the community, visit their family, make a connection to treatment, in the local community," says Moore. 

Last week it was announced that Indiana will receive another $18 million to address opioids.