Region Native Bennet Cerven Creates a Global Fusion of Sounds with The Trouble Notes

Oct 19, 2018

This edition of Midest BEAT with Tom Lounges originally aired October 19, 2018 on 89.1FM - Lakeshore Public Radio.



International music trio The Trouble Notes perform at Theatre At The Center this Friday at 7:30pm.  The Berlin, Germany-based group have performed over 500 shows in over a dozen countries since being founded in 2013 by violinist/co-founder Bennet Cerven, a 2007 Munster High School graduate and previously a Northwest Indiana native.

Cerven is one third of the all instrumental group -- along with percussionist Oliver Maguire and guitarist Florian Eisenschmidt -- and is the primary songwriter.  The Trouble Notes released their first full length album, "Lose Your Ties," earlier this year and recently created a handful of very visual music videos best described as mini-movies,  generating interest from independent filmmakers, wanting to commission original music for their various screen projects.

This program spotlights a variety of musical selections from the trio as Cerven chats with Lounges about his musical roots in the region and his experiences since leaving, as friends and family eagerly look forward to Friday's homecoming concert.