Regionally Speaking, Monday, February 4, 2019

Feb 4, 2019

Jordan Stanfill with Valparaiso-based Housing Opportunities talks about the non-profit's efforts to seek out the homeless on the street, in vehicles or in wooded areas and get them into shelters.
Credit Nationswell

Today:   Jordan Stanfill, the CEO of Valparaiso-based Housing Opportunities, talks about the agency's work in helping residents stay in their homes and avoid homelessness, as well as what the agency's outreach worker is doing to find homeless living in cars or in woods and direct them into warm places to stay.  Housing Opportunities also offers a homeless shelter and transitional housing, among other services.   Later on, Lisa Daughterty of Lake Area United Way tells us about a new partnership with the town of Griffith to provide assistance to residents who need it, by calling 211.

Ann Massie of the Northwest Indiana Food Council is with us, to talk about 2019's FED -- Food Expo and Discussion -- coming February 22nd at County Line Orchard in Portage.  And Dan Brueggert, the president of the Indiana Architectural Foundation, has more about a new database created to feature some of the Hoosier State's most significant architecture.  The initial 50 buildings and sites in the database include some well-known places here in northwest Indiana. The entire list is on the Foundation's website.