Regionally Speaking, Monday, March 22, 2021

Mar 22, 2021

Credit Lakeshore Public Radio

Today:   PNC Financial Services Group economist Abbey Omodunbi is on "Regionally Speaking" with his monthly report on the local and national economies, and with news of what PNC economists learned from interviewing  small- and mid-sized businesses across the country on whether they will be permanently changed by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Indiana Public Broadcasting reporter Gemma DiCarlo has a feature on House Bill 1367, a measure that was supposed to focus on just a local education issue, but ended up bringing both controversy and confrontation between Black legislators and their Republican colleagues.  And Lakeshore PBS production chief Tony Santucci joins us to talk about the new season of "Eye On The Arts" and "In Studio," both programs beginning this week.  He says there are some changes in the "Eye On The Arts"  television program format.