Regionally Speaking, Monday, November 18, 2019

Nov 18, 2019

Hoosier Environmental Council executive director Jesse Kharbanda talks about the HEC's 2020 legislative agenda and last weekend's "Greening the Statehouse" program.

Today:  Jesse Kharbanda, the executive diretcor of the Hoosier Environmental Council, joins us to talk about the organization's 2020 General Assembly agenda, including efforts for passage of  bills that offer more solar energy options for homeowners and mass transportation that uses clean-energy processes.  He also talks about last weekend's "Greening the Statehouse" program.  And Josh Hale, the CEO of Chicago-based Big  Shoulders Fund, talks about the independent charitable organization's long-range efforts to assist schools in the Gary Catholic Diocese of Gary with the help of a $16 million gift over 10 years from the Bruce and Beth White Family Foundation.  It will be the Big Shoulders Fund's first venture into northwest Indiana.

Lakeshore Public Radio's Sharon Jackson has a conversation with Portage Mayor John Cannon about the city's human rights ordinance. And Side Effects Public Media reporter Stephanie Whitesides reports on camps for children with chronic ailments like Tyoe 1 diabetes.