Regionally Speaking, Monday, September 24, 2018

Sep 24, 2018

Credit Amtrak

Today:    Steve Coxhead of the Indiana Passenger Rail Alliance joins us to give an update on how passenger rail service is doing across the Region and the state -- a preview of the organization's short-term strategic plan -- and some concerns about the business model that Amtrak's new president is endorsing.  And Griffith Town Council president Rick Ryfa talks about Tuesday's special election in his community that will determine whether residents want to remain in Calumet Township -- or choose a different township.

Lakeshore Public Radio's Sharon Jackson talked with the CEO of the American Association of University Women, Kimberly Churches, about a recent report on the gender gap on pay... and she offered some solutions to what she sees as a major problem.  And we revisit a recent investment-advice conversation with northwest Indinaa financial advisor Greg Hammer.