Regionally Speaking, Monday, September 28, 2020

Sep 28, 2020

This is Suicide Prevention Month and Jesse Brown VA Medical Center suicide prevention coordinator Michelle Langlois is on "Regionally Speaking" to talk about programs that the agency has in place to help veterans, their loved ones and family to deal with suicide-related issues.
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Today:   Indiana Public Broadcasting's Brandon Smith has an update on the issues surrounding vote-by-mail in Indiana.  The Hoosier State is one of only four states without expanded vote-by-mail for the general election.   Side Effects Public Media reporter Natalie Krebs looks into the issue of data tracking on COVID-19, and how it is being done in some states without help from state of federal health resources.  This is Suicide Prevention Month, and Jesse Brown VA Medical Center's Michelle Langlois talks about the ways to help loved ones and family know warning signs that someone may be in danger of taking ones' life.  And Lakeshore Public Radio's Sharon Jackson talks with Valparaiso city redevelopment director Brandon Dickinson about the old White House Restaurant property.