Regionally Speaking, Thursday, August 8, 2019

Aug 8, 2019

Actress Mariel Hemingway came to speak at a mental health seminar in Valparaiso recently and "Post-Tribune" reporter Meredith Colias-Pete covered her comments for her newspaper -- and "Regionally Speaking's" Reporters' Roundtable Thursday.
Credit NBC-TV Today show

Today:   On this "Reporters' Roundtable," we talk with "Post-Tribune" reporter Meredith Colias-Pete about the stories she wrote for the print and online editions of the newspaper, including her examination into the costs of bringing so many high-profile speakers into the Region for the Purdue University Northwest's Sinai Forum series this fall.  We also welcome "Post-Tribune" intern journalist Hannah Reed onto the program, to talk about her story on the decline of birth rates in northwest Indiana over the past decade and the factors behind the decline.

Lakeshore Public Radio's Sharon Jackson shares with us her feature on "Safe Haven Baby Boxes,"  and the woman who created them: Monica Kelsey. The latest "Baby Box" was just installed outside a hospital in Hammond,  Sharon's visit to the U.S.-Canadian border includes conversations with fellow visitors.  It  focused on how different it is there, compared to the U.S.-Mexico border crossings.