Regionally Speaking, Thursday, December 5, 2019

Dec 5, 2019

A view of the Portage Lakefront during calmer weather, but is now under siege by Lake Michigan waves. There is real concern about the future of the popular recreation site. Meredith Colias-Pete's "Post-Tribune" story is one of the stories covered on "Reporters' Roundtable Thursday."
Credit National Park Service

Today:  On this "Reporters' Roundtable," we talk with Meredith Colias-Pete of the "Post-Tribune" about her story on the concerns over the growing erosion on Portage's Lakefront and Riverwalk and the impact on the Pavilion.  "Times" business reporter Joseph Pete is with us to cover the stories he's put out in print and online, including the flooding at the U. S. Steel Gary Works and a year-in-review review of Region retail businesses. It covers those businesses which opened and closed in 2019.  Michael Puente also offers his "Off Mic" conversation with documentary filmmaker Paul Nelson on his latest project, covering Octave Chanute.

We akso have "Times" reporter Giles Bruce with his story on the increasing costs of diabetic healthcare in northwest Indiana.