Regionally Speaking, Thursday, February 13, 2020

Feb 13, 2020

On "Reporters' Roundtable," "Post-Tribune" reporter Carole Carlson has the latest from Indianapolis on the Gary Roosevelt College and Career Academy building. Dan Carden and Joseph Pete with the "Times" also talk about their recent stories in print and online, and Chuck Garber with Valparaiso University talks about this weekend's "Polar Plunge" event for Special Olympics Indiana.
Credit Chicago Crusader website

Today:  For this "Reporters'  Roundtable" program we ask "Times" reporters Dan Carden and Joseph Pete and "Post-Tribune" reporter Carole Carlson to talk about their latest stories in print and online.  Carole has the latest (as of Thursday morning) on the Gary Roosevelt building situation, as decided by the Distressed Unit Appeals Board.  Dan reviews local politics, including Lake County Recorder Michael B. Brown and candidates who've withdrawn from the May 5th primary election ballot, as well as stories from the Statehouse.  Joe Pete has business news for us, including another hazardous waste investigation in East Chicago, and an interesting story about his brother Tom.  Chuck Garber with Valparaiso University also joins us with details on Saturday's annual "Polar Plunge" benefit for Special Olympics Indiana, happening on campus.