Regionally Speaking, Thursday, February 21, 2019

Feb 21, 2019

Details about the story on Medicare's audit of Community Hospital in Munster is one of the stories featured on "Reporters Roundtable" Thursday.
Credit Community Healthcare System

Today:   On this "Reporters Roundtable," "Post-Tribune" reporters Meredith Colias-Pete, Carole Carlson and Greg Tejeda join us to talk about the stories that they covered and put out in print and online.  Meredith's stories include a Lake Ridge Schools student who's been honored for her volunteer work.  Carole has the latest from the Legislature on the Buffington Harbor economic development bill for the city of Gary and about the Gary public housing project contractors cited by HUD for pay violations.  Greg's covered Gary Common Council and he tells us about his stories.  And Lakeshore Public Radio's Sharon Jackson has an extended report for this Heart Health Month.