Regionally Speaking, Thursday, January 4, 2018

Jan 4, 2018

Times Statehouse reporter Dan Carden is one of the guests on this "Reporters Roundtable" episode

Today:  On this Reporters Roundtable edition, we check with three northwest Indiana newspaper reporters to give us stories as featured in print and online.  This week, we have "Times of Northwest Indiana" Statehouse reporter Dan Carden and business reporter Joseph Pete, and -- from the "Post-Tribune" -- Carole Carlson joins us to talk about some of her stories.

Dan's stories cover changes in state legislative leadership, reaction to remarks made by the outgoing director of the Department of Child Services and how some key lawmakers are looking to extend the time that it will lake for Governor Eric Holcomb's workforce development plans can be implemented.  Carole covers the accomplishments in 2017 and plans for 2018 at the Gary-Chicago International Airport and how much Lake Station residents will be paying for their trash and recycling collection this year. 

Joseph Pete focuses on two big stories.  One of them is the concern that the closing of so many supermarkets and pharmacies in the Region may be creating more "food deserts" and fewer places that residents can get their medicines.  The other is about the results of recent studies that show that vehicles made in Region assembly plants use more American-made parts than other auto manufacturers.

The second half of the program is devoted to the recent "Byline" podcast produced by "Times" podcast producer Kale Wilk on how northwest Indiana public school teachers and students feel about discussing President Donald Trump in their classes.  You can go to the Digital Exclusives section of the "Times of Northwest Indiana" website to hear the entire podcast. and Kale also offers a print version of the conversations elsewhere on the website.