Regionally Speaking, Thursday, July 11, 2019

Jul 11, 2019

Tony Rodriguez with the LaPorte County Office of economic Development is with us to talk about efforts to bring in -- and keep- businesses into the county. The latest efforts include the NorthPoint Development transformation of an old supermarket service warehouse in Westville into what is now the Midwest Trade Center.
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Today:   Tony Rodriguez, the director of the LaPorte County Office of Community and Economic Development, talks about the efforts to attract new businesses into his county and to get existing firms to expand and bring in more jobs. One of the latest projects is NorthPoint Development's renovation of a vacant 680,000 square foot warehouse in Westville that once serviced supermarket chains into what is now the Midwest Trade Center.  New businesses will be moving in soon.  Northwest Indiana political activist Ruth Needleman is in the studio with the latest on the immigration issue, including news of an upcoming rally and vigil in Highland and a protest later this month in Hammond.

Kale Wilk and Allie Kirkman of the "Times" put out another Byline podcast, and this one is about a "cold case" crime with politcal connection that rocked the Region.  We bring to you today.