Regionally Speaking, Thursday, July 9, 2020

Jul 9, 2020

"Times" education reporter Carley Lanich and "Post-Tribune" freelance reporter Hannah Reed, who covers education on her beat, are on "Regionally Speaking" with stories they posted online and in print about, among other topics, the northwest Indiana school districts getting ready for reopening classrooms for in-person learning.
Credit Times of Northwest Indiana

Today:   On this Reporter's Roundtable, we talk with "Times" education reporter Carley Lanich and her counterpart at the "Post-Tribune," reporter Hannah Reed, about their stories in print and online this week.  We also bring back our conversation with Edgewater Health chief executive Dr. Donita Johnson-Hughes about her recent "op-ed" piece in the "Post-Tribune" entitled "The Pandemic, The Police and Politics."  It is her thoughts on racial disparity, relations between minorities and police, and the political conditions of the day.