Regionally Speaking, Thursday, June 18, 2020

Jun 18, 2020

"Times" reporter Mary Freda is on Reporters Roundtable" today to talk about her story on what's next -- after the local protests. "Post-Tribune" reporter Carole Carlson has has the latest on the Gary Community Schools management team, after today's meeting in Indianapolis.
Credit Indiana Economic Digest

Today:  On this "Reporters Roundtable," we talk to "Times" reporter Mary Freda about the protest-related stories she's written for print and online -- including one that has the views of Region officials and residents as to what comes after the protests.  "Post-Tribune" reporter Carole Carlson just finished her attendance at today's virtual meeting of the DUAB, and has the latest on the state board and its contract with MGT Consulting, the firm that is emergency manager for the Gary Community Schools.  "Off Mic" host Michael Puente has a feature on the calls for policing reform and how they pertain to the city of Gary.