Regionally Speaking, Thursday, May 10, 2018

May 10, 2018

We check in with "Times" reporters who covered the May 8 primary election for this "Reporter's Roundtable" program.

Today:   It's Reporter's Roundtable Thursday and we asked three "Times of Northwest Indiana" reporters to join us to talk about the May 8th primary election races they kept track of -- Bill Dolan, Dan Carden and Carmen McCollum.  Carmen reported on the Lake Central and Crown Point school referenda questions.  The "Times'" Lauren Cross talked about her story on the financial questions under review of the city of Gary's ambulance and EMS-related bank accounts.  And Chicago "Tribune" reporter Michael Hawthorne talks about his story of more lead contamination found in neighborhoods in northwest Indiana -- this time, in Whiting and Hammond. They were next to a closed lead smelter.