Regionally Speaking, Thursday, May 11, 2017

May 11, 2017

Reducing the number of precincts in Lake County, as per the state legislature's order, is one of the big NWI stories this week covered on today's Reporters' Roundtable conversation.
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Today: it's the weekly Reporters' Roundtable conversation of many of the big local news stories, with Times of Northwest Indiana reporters Bill Dolan and Carmen McCollum and one important state education story -- Wednesday's meeting of the Indiana state Board of Education, covered by Indiana Public Broadcasting reporter Eric Weddle.

Bill talks about his stories from the Lake County government beat and one federal court lawsuit story, and Carmen delves into this week's public forum in Gary about the eventual state financial supervision of the Gary Community Schools and the three public school tax referendum votes in Munster, Lake Station and East Chicago. 

She also talks about the story she worked on, along with colleagues Joyce Russell and Sarah Reese, on how local school districts are helping residents sign up for free chemical tests for lead contamination in their household water lines.