Regionally Speaking, Thursday, May 23, 2019

May 23, 2019

"Times" Statehouse reporter Dan Carden is on "Reporters' Roundtable" today to talk about stories from the Governor's office, Indiana Court of Appeals and the past General Assembly session.
Credit IPB News - Brandon Smith

Today:  For this "Reporters' Roundtable" edition, we ask "Post-Tribune" education reporter Meredith Colias-Pete, "Times" Statehouse reporter Dan Carden and "Post-Tribune" Gary city government reporter Greg Tejeda to talk about the stories they wrote and had in print and online.  They included news from School City of Hammond of impending school closings and staff cuts, a new Holcomb administration staffer who is a Region native, the signing of the gaming omnibus bill into law and the latest from the Gary Common Council.