Regionally Speaking, Thursday, November 18, 2021

Nov 18, 2021

Credit Indiana Public Media

Today: On this "Reporters' Roundtable Thursday," "Times" chief political reporter Dan Carden and "Post-Tribune" freelance reporter Carrie Napoleon talk about the stories they've put out in print and online, including stories from Dan from the recent Organization Day at the Indiana General Assembly, what legislators may discuss when the session officially begins in January, and of a legal request sought in federal court in Hammond to halt the selection of a new Lake Superior Court judge.  Carrie tells us about an economic development project in Gary which could bring new jobs to the city and a way to deal with the region's solid waste:  a proposed facillity that would convert trash into jet fuel.  And "Inside Indiana Business" host Gerry Dick spoke with a Hoosier businessman about the unique role that Indiana is playing, in keeping products moving through a supply chain crisis.