Regionally Speaking, Thursday, September 17, 2020

Sep 17, 2020

On This "Reporters Roundtable Thursday," "Post-Tribune" freelance reporters Hannah Reed and Carole Carlson talk about their stories related to public education, the pandemic and -- for Carole -- news of the Gary Common Council endorsement of a Gary Community Schools referendum to be held on Election Day.
Credit Indiana Public Media

Today:   "Reporters Roundtable" guests today are "Post-Tribune" reporters Hannah Reed and Carole Carlson.  They talk about the stories they put out in print and online, and all involve public school districts.  Hannah's stories are about local schools either returning to in-person classes and the number of COVID-19 cases found during the first month of in-person classes.   Carole will talk about Portage Township Schools students returning to in-person classes next month, and about the Gary Common Council endorsement of the upcoming Gary Community Schools referendum vote.  The Council heard Manager Paige McNulty explain, before their vote, the eight-year $71.2 million referendum that would support the school district's operating costs.