Regionally Speaking, Thursday, September 5, 2019

Sep 5, 2019

The photo of the driveway leading to Tracy Page's home goes with "Post-Tribune" reporter Grant Morgan's story following the jury verdict in murder suspect Wllliam Landske's trial. Morgan joins us on "Reporters' Roundtable" Tuurday.
Credit Post-Tribune/Chicago Tribune

Today:   On this "Reporters' Roundtable" edition, we have "Post-Tribune" reporter Grant Morgan and "Times" reporters Carley Lanich and Andrew Steele on the program to talk about the stories they posted online and had in print.

Grant offers an interesting look at the people who knew murder victim Tracy Page, along with a atory about a former Lake County Sheriff's deputy who is suing his former boss and the department and of a St. John man who is suing the Lake County Election Board.  Carley's stories are all about education, including one about the I-LEARN scores out this week.  Andrew reports on the South Shore Line expansion and of a new financing program to assist companies who want to participate in "transit-oriented development" around the train stations along the line.

Lakeshore Public Radio's Sharon Jackson talks with a Valparaiso businessman who is helping victims of Hurricane Dorian, as it makes landfall on the U.S. Atlantic coast.  And we revisit reporter Michael Puente's feature on East Chicago's historic Marktown neighborhood.