Regionally Speaking, Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Mar 12, 2019

The Hoosier Environmental Council is concerned that state legislators won't set aside enough money in the budget to support programs like the President Benjamin Harrison Conservation trust. Tim Maloney with HEC talks about it today.
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Today:   Tim Maloney, the senior policy officer with the Hoosier Environmental Council, talks about the HEC and other groups joining together to encourage state legislators to make sure there are enough funds  in the next two-year budget for some of Indiana's most important conservation programs.  He notes that the President Benjamin Harrison Conservation Trust and the state's Wildlife Action Plan are in need of increased financial support.  Neither programs have been adequately funded since 2008. The coalition recommends $20 million for the Conservation Trust and an additional $16 million for the Wildlife Action Plan.

We bring two two more conversations, from the city of Gary, from the Welcome Project at Valparaiso University.  And Julie Zasada, the executive director of the Cedar Lake Historical Association, joins us to talk about the unique way to keep the town's museum open during the winter months -- a "Pop-Up Museum" mobile exhibit, visiting alternative locations each month, showcasing history themes.