Regionally Speaking, Tuesday, May 29, 2018

May 29, 2018

"Regionally Speaking" begins with a conversation about a new Indiana help-line and online portal to help deal with the opioid addiction epidemic
Credit Yellowstone Public Radio

Today:    A conversation with Justin Phillips, a mother of three (and a victim of the opioid addiction problem) who created an overdose lifeline in central Indiana -- and is now Indiana co-director of Addiction Policy Forum.  It's a statewide telephone and online resource to addicts, their families and others caught up in the opioid epidemic.  We also bring back IPBS reporter Jill Sheridan's conversation with journalist - author Sam Quionones -- who just wrote a book about the crisis. 

We also bring you another conversation from the Welcome Project at Valparaiso University.  The Welcome Project collects first-person stories and pairs these with intentional conversations, to help forge strnger ties within and across our communities.  This speaker recalls his youth in a changing Gary, Indiana.

About halfway in the program today, Gary resident and graphic novelist Ben Miller is in the studio to talk about himself, his career as a writer (as well as a neighborhood youth center operator) and his latest graphic novel "Kaneesha."  He started a Kickstarter campaign to get support for publication and promotion of his work, a fictuous account of a young firl from Gary, Indiana whose brother is killed by police officers and how her life is changed by that incident into a journey of justice.