Regionally Speaking, Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Aug 26, 2020

Sherri Ziller with the Northwest Indiana RDA talks about the work underway in creating "transit development districts" around the South Shore Line stations, including the new ones planned as part of the West Lake Corridor project. Public meetings with the consults and designers are planned for this fall.
Credit South Shore CVA

Today:   Sherri Ziller,  the Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority's chief development officer, is with us to talk about "transit development districts," what they are -- how they fit into the overall plans for the South Shore Line's expansion -- and how the public can comment about them.  We also revisit our conversation about the series of online lectures and discussions beginning next month with Purdue University Northwest professors and speakers. It's entitled "Race, Racism, Anti-Racism."  Criminal justice professor Nicky Jackson is one of the speakers in October, for a program about race and wrongful convictions.