Regionally Speaking, Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Dec 4, 2019

Our conversation with I.U. Northwest professor Jack Bloom's latest edition of "Class, Race and the Civil Rights Movement" is on "Regionally Speaking."
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Today:  Indiana University Northwest professor Jack Bloom's book "Class, Race and the Civil Rights Movement" is now in its second edition, and the subject is still as important today as it was decades ago. We bring back our conversation with professor Bloom -- along with conversation with IU Northwest professor Maureen Rutherford on the Gary campus' neuroscience degree program.  We also have a look at the changes coming to Hoosier cities and towns from the November elections from Andy Downs of Purdue University Ft. Wayne.  He is executive director of the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics.

We have this week's edition of "Green Fleet Radio," supported by South Shore Clean Cities and NIRPC. And Side Effects Public Media reporter Stephanie Whitesides has a feature on summer camps aimed at helping youth with special medical needs, like diabetes.