Regionally Speaking, Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Jul 15, 2020

Gary Community Schools emergency manager Dr Paige McNulty talks about the plan introduced this week to eopen schools for in-person learning this fall, Catisha Toney with COATES Inc is on "Regionally Speaking" about Thursday's workshop at RailCat Stadium in Gary to assist high school grads and their families get ready for college. And William Streitberger of the VA's Veteran readiness and Employment Program talks about the modernized service in place during the pandemic.
Credit Gary Community Schools/YouTube

Today:   Gary Community Schools emergency manager Dr. Paige McNulty is with us to talk about the reopening plan to bring students back to school, in accordance with the guidelines to be able to safely do so during this coronavirus pandemic.  We also find out about a northwest Indiana school district that will begin the academic year with virtual e-learning, instead of in-class learning.  Catisha Toney with Coates  Inc. talks about tomorrow's workshop for high school graduates and their families to help get ready for attending college this fall.  The workshop will be held at RailCat Stadiium in downtown Gary.  Military personnel getting ready to become veterans are taking advantage of a modernized Veteran Readiness and Employment Program, offered through the VA.  William Streitberger is the program director, and he joins  us to talk about how veterans are getting some high-tech help during this pandemic.