Regionally Speaking, Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Jul 19, 2017

Credit Collings Foundation

Today:  A conversation with Hunter Chaney of the Collings Foundation, which is bringing one of its World War II-vintage aircraft exhibits back to the Porter County Regional Airport early next month.  This year, Hunter says they have a new and exciting addition to the Flying Fortresses and Liberators that are in their "living history" collection that will be coming to northwest Indiana.  The proceeds from the exhibit will support the MAAC Foundation of Valparaiso.

Lakeshore Public Radio's Steven Lattimore talked to a business media observer, an employee and several shoppers at the Ultra Supermarket in Highland, which is one of the Central Grocers-owned stores that are closing.

And "CounterPoint" public television host Garrard McClendon and his guests discuss whether it is time to find a new way to gauge economic success.