Regionally Speaking, Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Jul 29, 2020

The directors of two northwest Indiana public libraries -- Ingrid Norris with Lake County Public Library and Julie Wendorf with Crown Point Community Library -- give updates on "Regionally Speaking" on services during the pandemic And Kathy Morris with the career assistance website tells us about a recent study they did of which states' school distrists have the most crowded classrooms to deal with, in reopening this fall. Indiana is ranked at 9th on the Top Ten list.
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Today:  We ask Lake County Public Library director Ingrid Norris and Crown Point Community Library director Julie Wendorf about the latest measures, in how libraries are doing in dealing with so many service changes because of the coronavirus pandemic.  The changes include patrons' curbside pickup of materials outside the branches themselves, quarantining materials brought back to the drop-off boxes before redistributing them, and making everyone wear face coverings in the buildings.   The pandemic's impact on reopening public schools includes how crowded classrooms might be -- when students actually come back to school. did a survey of all states and reports that Indiana is ranked number nine on the Top 10 States with Crowded Classrooms.  Kathy Morris with the career support website joins us to talk about it.