Regionally Speaking, Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Jun 12, 2019

Soputh Shore Clean Cities executive director Carl Liske talks about the beginnings of the organization 20 years ago -- its programs over the years -- and its future, today on "Regionally Speaking."
Credit NWI Times

Today:   South Shore Clean Cities exeuctive director Carl Lisek talks about the beginnings of the nonprofit coalition that's focused on promoting sustainable transportation in northern Indiana.  SSCC began 20 years ago this month, and a 20th Anniversary Celebration iis planned to take place next week.   We also bring back our conversation with Sandra Albro, who was project manager of the "Vacant to Vibrant" urban re-greening project in Gary's Aetna neighborhood.  And Ball State University economist Michael Hicks has the local data in the latest report on quality-of-life rankings for Indiana counties.  Seven major categories were ranked with letter grades.  How did northwest Indiana fare?