Regionally Speaking, Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Jun 13, 2018

U.S. 24 East in Newton and Jasper Counties -- an example of a highway that is vulnerable to inclement weather that can be linked to climate change
Credit AA Roads website

Today:   Sweltering heat and huge amounts of rain can make a negative impact on Hoosier roads, bridges and even electric lines that we all rely upon.  Some bridges are designed to last 100 years, but the extreme weather can make it unlikely for them to reach such a ripe old age.  The Midwest Economic Policy Institute just completed two reports on the issues of extreme weather caused by climate changes -- and what should be done to keep these events from causing more problems than necessary.  Mary Craighead is a transportation policy analyst for the Instute, and she joins us to talk about the work leading up the release of the reports and what's being recommended as possible solutions.

We have another edition of "Green Fleet Radio," supported by South Shore Clean Cities with host Carl Lisek. This time, the focus is on the city of Hobart's public works fleet.

And Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson stepped into the national spotlight once again on Tuesday, as a guest on NPR's "Here and Now" program.  We bring you her conversation with co-host Jeremy Hobson.